My name is Matt. I am a Warrior. I am doing something that is not supposed to be possible...

I am naturally curing a so-called "incurable autoimmune disease" on my own accord.

I am taking my health into my own hands. I am an outlier. I am not a statistic. I am only.....Aware.

The Psoriasis that threatened to ruin me, has humbled me.

When I became a student of my struggle, I became a master of my destiny.

The past five years have been full of trial and tribulation, pain and perseverance. I am preparing myself and others for the truth. That truth is this; our health is in OUR OWN hands.

Accountability, Responsibility, Awareness. Healing = Education + ACTION + Collaboration.

Strength is in numbers and power comes from community.

VITALITAR is the banner I am flying for FREEDOM. Freedom from pain, stress & despair.

We deserve to heal and be happy.

Join me as I develop a solution for many. A solution for sickness, pain, illness, finances, poverty, disease, sadness and darkness.

I will teach you how to heal, how to build your own business, how to work only in what you are passionate about. I will give you purpose.

Shine your light bright with me. Click any of the buttons below and explain to me your pain so we can start on your healing.

Lets build an army and fight the good Fight.

We will do whatever it takes to study pain, understand cause & effect, then help the body heal. I will listen to you deeply, perform a survey, build a plan, and make sure you stick to it as you transition your lifestyle. It will get easier as you develop your skills and natural healing practice.
As you heal, and start to realize how powerful you are through tending to a strengthening, balanced body, I will train you to attract advocates. Influencing others to take the same difficult baby steps towards their own vitality. The more you teach, the more you will learn.
The final step towards personal freedom is building a passionate business with purpose that you can carry out ANYWHERE on your time. There is no more powerful purpose than Vitality. We will work together to help others heal. As they become masters, they will help others do the same. Strength is in numbers.